Sermon Notes Zephaniah 3

Part 1:
v.1 Straight into Jerusalem, still using 'her' - puts them in same bracket as others
v.2 Disobedient, reject discipline
v.3 Lions & Wolves - merciless, everybody else flock of sheep
v.4 Prophets - people appointed by God, not delivering message properly
v.5 Could be kind of positive, but for people of Jerusalem it adds further to the 'put down'
v.6 'Look at what I can do & have done'
v.6-7 'What do I have to do?'
v.7 Alternative: If you deny me & accept my discipline, you need not be objects of my wrath, but they seem to want to carry on being bad. 'Grace offered & spurned'
v.8 Ironic?
see Acts 10:39-43

Part 2:
Changes dramatically from 8-9
v.9 Talking about Jesus?

Zephaniah in general:
How do God's people need to be living? (synchrotism - 'lip service')
How will God treat you on the day of the Lord? (Rom 10:9)

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