Sermon Notes Deuteronomy 16:1-17, Learning to Give

- Remember when you left: when you came to faith, what changed, what your heart felt, the joy of liberation, the new sense of identity & belonging (part of family)
- Remember what you left: you were slaves to sin, others, greed, envy, image, peer pressure, ambition, the past, fear

- You have been given: an identity, freedom, love, security, time, talents, treasure
- So you can give others: an identity (welcome someone else to family of God), freedom (we could be holding someone back), love, security, time , talents (can bless people with them or keep them to ourselves), treasure

Is 58: 6&7
Now we begin to: look back & give thanks, look up & worship, look forward with faith and hope, give from what we've been given

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