Sermon Notes Jonah 3&4, Sharing God's Heart

    Ch 3:
  1. Jonah's second opportunity (2:10-3:3)
    - God's a god of second chances
    - gives us opportunities to serve Him
  2. A message of judgement (3:3-4)
    - overturned (also 'turned around' in hebrew)
    - God set them a deadline
  3. A cry of repentance (3:5-9)
    - if all you hear is that God loves you, there's no need to change
    - God wants to change consequences of His judgement through Jesus
    - they believed God, although didn't stick to it
    - only God can resolve our (urgent) needs - repentance
  4. God's grace to Nineveh (3:10)
    - undeserved
    Ch 4:
  5. Jonah's problem with God
  6. God's challenge to Jonah

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