Sermon Notes Jonah 1&2

It's all about God!
Lessons about God, not Jonah
How God deals with people

    Ch 1:
  1. The God who speaks
    - sailors' gods didn't speak (v.4)
    - His word is for all people
    - you can't escape or hide from God (who speaks)
  2. The God who is in control
    - important in today's world
    - God is ruler over all nations, even enemies
  3. The God who deals with individuals
    - Jonah's relationship with God was important to God - God could've chosen someone who would've done it first time
    - as a result, Jonah can walk closer with God
    Ch 2:
  4. God right to discipline us
    - because He loves us
  5. Our need of God's forgiveness
    - God had provided fish before Jonah asked for it, perhaps (1:17)
    - He provides means of salvation
  6. God's grace in saving us
    - undeserved love

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