Sermon Notes John 4:1-30

This passage is in between two miracles
John 20:30-31 - reason for writing the book
- Jesus came to save (even) the religious ignorant of the world, eg Samaritan. Acts says 'witnesses to end of the earth
   Not surprising: Ez 37:28, Is 45:22
   Who are we concerned about - the religious ignorants? the emssed up people? Jesus is crossing barriers
- Jesus came to save (even) the nobodies in this world, eg women in this case
   Today: eg street kids in Brazil; old people as far as youth are concerned; drunks, drug addicts
- Jesus came to save (even) the morally degenerate of this world, eg this Samaritan woman

Greatest needs are spiritual, not physical: John 3:17 & 4:42

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