Sermon Notes Deut 1:26-46 & Heb 4, God's Righteous Anger

Deuteronomy: 'second law giving'; in hebrew, called 'these are the words'
Ch 1-4: historical prologue
Ch 4-26: commands
Ch 27-31: curses & blessings - obeying & disobeying commands
the rest: Joshua becomes leader; Moses's song; ?; death of Moses

Moses is reminding them of those 20 & over, 38 years ago, who haven't made it - saying 'don't make same mistake'
Why was God angry - v.32-34, words of rebellion (Num 14:4)
God takes our words & thoughts seriously
Unbelief is the problem - it's an offence to God
God's anger is an enduring anger

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