Sermon Notes John 18:1-19:16

Ch 18:
v.1 - leaves Jerusalem, crosses valley - see 2Sam 15:16?, Absalom & co
v.4 - see John 2:24, John 13:1, Jesus knowing what would happen
v.6 - overwhelmed (with authority & majesty of God?)
v.8 - in time of stress, defends not himself, but others (contrast with Peter who tried to defend himself with the sword)
v.11 - obedience to God, may cost things that hurt, but he knows best
v.15&25&27 - first Judas, now Peter! Even Peter - he'd just defended Jesus with sword
v.17 - buckled from question of a maid!
v.19 - again, doesn't defend himself (or at least not much) with words or sword
v.25-27 - Peter put on the spot, easy to say 'no', hard to obey
v.36 - again, doesn't need to defend himself with words or sword

Heb 12:1-3

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