Sermon Notes Deut 4:1-14

This passage is a bridge/link
They had 'defective vision' about handling the future - thinkings it's all bad
Don't look back or infront or within - look 'up' to God

Deuteronomy in general: See who God is, what He's said, what He's done:
1-12: generous giver, 13-28: sovereign Lord, 29-34: merciful deliverer & incomparable lover

Generous giver - law he gave & land he gave
LAW - embodiment of God, it gives:
v.1: life, eg fish in bowl needs to be in those constraints to live
v.1&5: guidance
v.2: blessing - God's giving us something which is His & therefore good
v.3&4: judgement
v.6: wisdom & understanding, Col1:3
v.7: presence
v.8: righteousness
v.9: timelessness
v.10: unity
- Don't add to it
- Don't subtract from it
- Don't disobey it
- Don't be careless with it
- Don't neglect your witness
- Don't forget it
- Don't just keep it, share it

LAND - God's gift to His people, a privelege & responsibility
Everything belongs to God, nothing is ours
The future is God's gift to us

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