Sermon Notes 1 Thess 2:17-3:13, Passion for People

relationship is:
- essence of reality & our existance
- heartbeat of Trinity gives God his essence
- vehicle of intimacy

1. True prayer for people comes from...
...His intense longing to see the Thessalonians, Ch 2 (see also Acts 17)
   - being involved: 2Tim 3:10-15
...His passion for their spiritual well-being & not to fulfil his needs, 3:1-5
   - how can I best serve Christ?
...Delight at reports of their faith, love, perseverance & strength, 3:6-8
   - being concerned about other people's faith: 2John 4, 3John 3&4

2. The one who has passion for people... ...thanks God for the Thessalonians & then tells them, 3:9
...prays that he & his co-workers themselves may do something to strengthen their faith, 3:10-11
...that their love for one another may increase & overflow, 3:12
...that believers hearts will be strengthened so that they will be blameless & holy when the end comes, 3:13

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