Sermon Notes Col 3:5-17

DON'T (verses 5-11)
Sexual immorality
Impurity - polluting yourselves with things not from God
Lust - overwhelming, overpowering desire
Greed - excessive desire for something other than God
Evil desires - wanting things which are unholy
Enraged - uncontrolled & unjustified
Slander - false statements, mis-representation of someone
Malice - bad feeling towards others
Filthy language

DO (verses 12-17)
Compassion - to feel with, act of deep sympathy
Forgiving - no keeping a record of wrongs, not dependent
Kindness - thinking of others first, warm-hearted
Humble - putting God & others first, not comparing self to others
Patience - bearing with things
Peace of Christ
Word of Christ dwell in you
DO things in Jesus' name

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