Sermon Notes Genesis 32:22-32 & Hebrews 11:21

Jacob - God's Patience God has a plan for our lives: Jer 29:11
  - must listen out for 'song' of God: Rom 9:10
  - don't assume we know where we'll be & what we'll be doing

God's plan - doing it our wat or God's? Heb 6:12
  - let our dreams die so God's will can happen

The desert - returning to God: Gen 28:13
  - someimtes only in hard times (desert) we hear God's song

What happens when we blow it again? (God's patience): 2Pet 3:9
  - don't give up on praying for people

Jabbok - the Place of Emptying
  - mustn't be too busy to hear God's song or too wrapped up in the world
  - emptied of independence, to rely on God

Becoming a hero
  - not a great faith in God, but faith in a great God
  - new name: Rev 2:17

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