Granite Crossword No.9
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Set up in stand (7)
10/6/16D Proverbial kitchen advice - "Robin should initially use both heliports" - is more than enough at first (3,4,5,5,3,5)
11 Lack of activity in hesitation, I send thanks round (7)
12 Non-famous peacekeepers are aware of nitrogen (7)
13 Telling? Not if one's in good New York return (9)
15 Good man (single American) returns diamonds, say (5)
16 Vehicle (cart) flipped on hill (7)
19 Course of action destroying corpses (7)
20 Delete, as in before (5)
21 Well-bred bloke, name 'Lieutenant North' for example, returns (9)
25 Make more abrasive, right enough, perhaps (7)
26 Coping and dishing out (7)
28 Loftier, new clover (7)
29 Consume right points inside, being sincere (7)


No-one named, I'm returning leech (6)
State categorically as sure thing, we hear (6)
Quick! Stop eating! (4)
Base in Dundalk, a limit (6)
Hung good man with part of ladder before being awake (6,2)
See 10 Across
Petrol good as nothing left in England (8)
Sleepy state from joint? No sister reportedly (8)
14 Plump? That woman? Cover paternity (10)
16 See 10 Across
17 Primitive calculators as cubes arranged after beginning of April (8)
18 John's actual first name - Gerald - in confusion (8)
22 "No double-D, Edward" indicated assent (6)
23 First without runs (6)
24 Times of darkness and odd things (6)
27 Area measure in new race (4)


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