Granite Crossword No.99
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For example, green influence (6)
Timetable of clues he'd produced (8)
Is Nero brought back into Free Church belonging to courts of law? (8)
10 East wing emitting, in part, a sudden pain (6)
11 Mauritania travelling is within extremely halcyon philanthropist (12)
13 Dishes of soldiers, you heard (4)
14 Plagued in France with steed, perhaps (8)
17 Servant's row (8)
18 A method, not at home (4)
20 Craftsman's room on ship with Alien producer (7-5)
23 Inspector about to stomach authoritative statement (6)
24 Taking no active part in bazaar: MC Hairdo (8)
25 Destroyed arid fern of a certain wavelength (8)
26 Flowery or neat, somehow (6)


There's nothing in award for instrument (4)
Love river going underneath writer's hotel, with visitors welcome at any time (4,5)
Restart summary (6)
Deputy canon commends Di's construction (6-2-7)
Fiery man, very loud and attractive person (3,5)
Not as wet as doctor that is redhead (5)
Where bags and suitcases may be carried, in new language (very good) (7,3)
12 Conclusion for every speech (10)
15 Aquatic creature reported to visit mischievous child (3,6)
16 Decoration of vessel going around river (8)
19 Elbows out - a girl's personal problem (6)
21 Bury in porcelain terrain (5)
22 Metal with Turkish leader's dye (4)


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