Granite Crossword No.98
(This crossword first appeared in the National Student)
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When the French record departed (6)
Cutting device that may be used in wrestling (8)
Animal's organ (oak-produced) (8)
10 Over-formality of celebrity church (6)
11 Time chart I made for branch of mathematics (10)
12 Excavates somewhere to live (4)
13 Recreation ground to command instrument (8)
16 Student's first mode of transport causes injury (6)
17 Church found in games console's divisions of play (6)
19 Part of the academic year - seems perhaps to come before most of term (8)
21 Shellfish nearly came without a bit of lemon (4)
22 Are insects strange opposition? (10)
25 Street has a country and a verse (6)
26 Choose pricy centre causing great excitement? (8)
27 New students about to go with that girl into French Society (8)
28 Without doubt you are heard in southern city (6)


What may help you up in Budapest airport (5)
Number taken in, say (5)
Ancient tomb may drip when damaged (7)
Having less length in fish or terrapin (7)
Little creatures in religious groups (7)
Flags, and a way to enter streets (9)
Acknowledge corgi seen at sea (9)
14 It helps you go up a hill after laces break (9)
15 In time, soldiers are taken in by books - point to medicated preparations (9)
18 Green, for example, when graduate comes up in nurse's design (7)
19 Relatives in order? (7)
20 Degree teachers (7)
23 A newspaper queen is following (5)
24 I will be going under church to find coldness (5)


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