Granite Crossword No.97
(This crossword first appeared in the National Student)
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Girl returning former partner's building (6)
Stress caused by same ship (8)
10 Turned and wrote a poem again? (8)
11 Give away that woman, preferably (6)
12 Half of students: "I love an apartment" (6)
13 Finding no start to table-topping (8)
14 Disease has head of department transfixed (7)
16 Clergymen - annoying things, without right ideology at first (7)
20 In French, five run away to gasbag (8)
23 Wild wolves' sounds of speech (6)
25 The Somerset village way (6)
26 Grovelling stick, natural on the inside (8)
27 Kicking-out of novice, it might be (8)
28 Team from the Spanish level (6)


Bell to forge gold (8)
Member to object to fable (6)
Reportedly watch playwright at the place near the ocean (8)
Ganges initially follows country without delta changing direction (7)
(Supernatural) life (6)
Party leader's newspaper item - it's very small (8)
Bird has no gripe changing right away (6)
15 Act of a number, in before church (8)
17 Exposed meat in the grass (8)
18 Let Dante become gifted (8)
19 Decline of French smell (7)
21 Born as a citizen - innocent, without a hint of tainting (6)
22 Get a bit on order (6)
24 Pedestrian conflict, like I lost internally (6)


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