Granite Crossword No.96
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Shortened forms via one absorbent variety (13)
Extremely patchy raids, catching 1000 solid figures (8)
Require to be born as daughter (4)
10 This includes girl criminals! (7)
12 Circle or piece (5)
14 Rich and succulent - just half slippery? (5)
16 Building books with label in church (7)
19 Couple of white metals (4)
20 Ailing, or ill first (8)
22 Sympathetic to an informal agreement (13)


Carry out a command to live in old part of Yugoslavia (4)
Lubricate King George with ease (6)
A space journalist kept away from (7)
Aries muddled up (5)
Daughter's central meal (6)
Going into green tin, perhaps (8)
11 Relative at home in outskirts of Hong Kong, regularly visiting as a spirit (8)
13 American soldier in pub is able to reason correctly (7)
15 Force politician to enter Cole's arrangement (6)
17 One way to be taken in by most of the small intervals (6)
18 Animal goes off with duck (5)
21 Girl from Johannesburg (4)


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