Granite Crossword No.95
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Result of cute mood, mostly upset (7)
Love chap's signs (5)
Nothing in freezer outside (4)
10 Fenced in, dudes run or change (10)
11 Tiny creatures notice European going into Time Square at first (8)
13 Ask for fashionable tie to be produced after 5 (6)
15 The French sailor comes first and is competent (4)
17 Ladies mostly becoming perfect (5)
18 The source of a minute life form? (4)
19 Man caught by snake is deceased (6)
20 Title award on the radio for unexpected event (8)
23 Jagger, universal nut, could be an overpowering force (10)
26 Soldiers out of ammunition? (4)
27 Double time, with one church (5)
28 Put a ring round 10 (7)


Postman nearly collapses in this place, for pressure unit (10)
A bit of code left (6)
Iron - a redhead's concern (4)
Mountain pass on island, with a litre of ants, perhaps (8)
List containing little excess (4)
Game-playing follows love letter (5)
With more honey, perhaps, dessert comes before queen (7)
12 Sources of river, flowing backwards on board ship (5)
14 In a robust way, US virology is adapted (10)
16 Snack that might be taken to be worse than anything (7)
17 Brought in what's left in one sea (8)
21 Come back from spin again? (6)
22 Observed food in extremely sad surroundings (5)
24 King George: "I'm dark" (4)
25 Head shape (4)


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