Granite Crossword No.94
(This crossword first appeared in the National Student newspaper)
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Element of vehicle good in France (6)
Stupid idiot Dan gets arithmetic operation (8)
Carefully considering pre-fight event before midnight (8)
10 Apes manage to catch one student leader (6)
11 Associated closely, if it denied production (10)
12 Animal's quiet old state (4)
13 Attribute of suitable drink, say (8)
16 Vehicle left in plant (6)
17 Fluid that's disputed in silence (6)
19 Puts down, so tips off after removing half of debt (8)
21 Setter's section of exam in English (4)
22 Sadly dies on horseback initially, with feathers inverted (6-4)
25 A head of department, only to alter slightly (6)
26 English meadows in colour that's slackened (8)
27 Amicable conclusion in adornment, mostly unknown (8)
28 Most crafty instruments without right to be in the street (6)


Leading margin of victory? (5)
Start to live with drink (5)
Number one to rise awkwardly with more sound (7)
Any girl exploding with rage (7)
Determines policemen's entry into river with pole (7)
Foremost university (extremely poorly-off) to witness turnaround - thanks to these? (3-2,4)
Her voting's erratic, happening in a short time (9)
14 What's left of a memento, externally (9)
15 Course of action, perhaps, prouder to include church (9)
18 The Uni mostly 'ad trouble, having resident ghosts (7)
19 Ruin of the French city of old (7)
20 In mix-up, add less oars (7)
23 Journal's sudden attack coming up at start of year (5)
24 Tiny daughter's unwanted growths (5)


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