Granite Crossword No.93
(This crossword first appeared in the National Student newspaper)
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A revolutionary enters the empty river, for the one giving knowledge (7)
10 Mediocre record as a cricketer? (7)
11 Experienced in the movement of trade, externally (7)
12 Result of coot and emu reproduction (7)
13 Symbol seen in a story (9)
15 Leaves football team in alien society (5)
16 Zealous head of department vetoed changes (7)
19 Prepared to be in padre's sedition (7)
20 Worship without a don's relation (5)
21 Those working on a flat floating structure go after carbon artificers (9)
25 Liken firm politician to a soldier (7)
26 Book put into court again? (7)
28 Go to any of these to do whatever it takes (7)
29 Belch internally embraced by ladies, mostly received with gladness (7)


Unusually, student's last cat is resting (6)
Snatch back an African leader's fruit (6)
Avoid some British universities (4)
What students are rarely found in? (6)
Was on the side of our senior journalist, under fire initially with a bit of vinidication (8)
Colony fixed tent around the French motorway (10)
Gas that is second for metric units (8)
Let go of meadows without grass? On the contrary! (8)
14 Are they produced by NASA tutors? (10)
16 Dreadful court left first year without a turn? (8)
17 A and B, say, left out of essential minutes, in short (8)
18 Reduce a college head's degree - that's bad (not good) (8)
22 Weapons are nearly getting on top of arguments (6)
23 Graduate line to include recipe for soft tissue (6)
24 River turns into northeastern delta as required (6)
27 Deceive Sierra, the Spanish pupil (4)


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