Granite Crossword No.92
(This crossword first appeared in The National Student)
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One taken in by a bit of student gold more readily (6)
Outgrowths of British farms (8)
Should this be sent round? (8)
10 Bodies of soldiers, perhaps - that is, with members on the outside (6)
11 Hostile 22 entered by father - death extremely likely (10)
12 Singer - totally get her out (4)
13 Against the current increase? Get a term's break (8)
16 Inventor of no team's comeback (6)
17 Airmen about to be left behind (6)
19 Sister's without broken neck health problem (8)
21 Infection in the first year (4)
22 Beginning of united Norhern Ireland's small in truth, for Brunel, say (10)
25 Egghead twice left in vehicle to make room (6)
26 Birds assembled at finals (8)
27 Surprised that beginning went first? (8)
28 Language is in hand, perhaps (6)


Hunter of stars (5)
More agreeable clubs in North? That's right! (5)
About to be taking in drug, free from distress (7)
Tedium brought forth party at the end of term (7)
Break down aluminium, in any direction (7)
Associate new moon with panic (9)
When getting up, snort plant with edible leaf-stalks, with lines missing - they're very small! (9)
14 Before the end of August, Bond Street is the most charming to look at (9)
15 One who journeys with bank employee's nearly extremely enthusiastic on the inside (9)
18 Renault production in which no power is transmitted (7)
19 Smelt tin with fine iron in one dimension (7)
20 Made pure metal to hold empty necklace under copyright (7)
23 Spring's fashionable country (5)
24 What may be on the roof until establishment carries it (5)


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