Granite Crossword No.91
(This crossword first appeared in The National Student)
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Getting a personal best without a bit of luck at the heart of Rome shows calm self-assurance (6)
Revealed adhesive nearly went back into disreputable place with head of department (8)
Work network without a writing implement, as an office may be (4-4)
10 What's left member with a heartless community? (6)
11 Bishop to lift and prepare one about to be married (10)
12 Some students are finding emperor (4)
13 Society and financial organisation may be found at sea (8)
16 Intervene to get record in small container (4,2)
17 Things unknown, lacking fresh air (6)
19 Mishandled a lecture to cause a persistent open sore (8)
21 One may be found in the back of Vivaldi's concerts (4)
22 Shake up first electric instrument in rebellion (10)
25 DJ reportedly folds before poem is returned (6)
26 Working for sluggishness (8)
27 Get rid of Bon Jovi outside the centre of Exeter, then sit back (8)
28 Engineer chose poor repeats (6)


Penny (one) for each rag (5)
Had no dew, perhaps (5)
Graduate boxing ring with long move to European city (7)
A French knight's taken in by harbour bird (7)
Books rodents without hesitation (7)
One's good when caught by strange, earthly distance (5-4)
Weird curate with his sacrament (9)
14 Characteristic expression of praise after a time (9)
15 It's not good enough if enticed astray! (9)
18 Small concern lifted about Austria's plants (7)
19 Opening of University to take nothing away from instrument that's perfect? (7)
20 Related to insect found in Sebastian (7)
23 Nick a step (5)
24 Uttered words quietly and satisfactorily in the southeast (5)


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