Granite Crossword No.90
(This is an edited version of a crossword which first appeared in The Beat magazine)
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Animal seen in sort of music show (8)
Element of vehicle and element of skeleton, nearly (6)
Almost defer southeastern uncertainty (8)
10 Russian physiologist with a forty-five in Post Office vault, at first (6)
12 Catapult outside of quiet vessel that's glittering (9)
13 Armed operation? It's only imaginary (5)
14 Turn to swallow stopper (4)
16 Dawn chorus finally inures change (7)
19 A cold figure standing less chance of survival after 16? (7)
21 One of two (or more) contesting groups is subsidiary (4)
24 Puts up with swellings (5)
25 Religious code of ceremonies follows spin, mostly (9)
27 Make a mistake inside hill, causing extreme fear (6)
28 Awfully hot demos freed from obstructions (8)
29 Lower sword back into empty drawer (6)
30 Half of gifts certain to show constraining force (8)


Maintain persistently in relative quiet, at the end (6)
Most of dish might appal (6)
Charlie to smell stream (5)
Trying out the heartless weapon of some plants and animals (7)
Gave up China's last group with one head of department (9)
Slug in news report (8)
Somehow move with Bernie - that is, disappearing for a month (8)
11 Matures for a long time (4)
15 One following fruit with saint's rock (9)
17 Detached after time in parties - I turned up (8)
18 Come without Mercedes to interchange of merchandise on a large scale (8)
20 Where eggs may be found at a place of residence (4)
21 Mrs Wei drunkenly caught Malaysia's first athlete (7)
22 Silence shown by hospitals around America (4)
23 Shanghai's leader has shelf for vehicle (6)
26 In armchair on social clubs (5)


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