Granite Crossword No.8
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2,10,12,14,15,17,19,22,25 & 26 across, and 2,5,6,8,9,12,14 & 18 down are all of a kind, and are otherwise undefined in the clue. All other clues are normal cryptic clues. (If you want to cheat, click here to find out what this running theme is).


Back-left inside musical (5,4)
Left one out of liking ruler (4)
Buggy quiet before animal (4)
Muscle supporter of heartless new backer (5)
10 The French twitches (6)
11 Quiet burp without bottle opener for the French colour (6)
12 Starts to read every darn story! (4)
14 Codswallop! (8)
15 New thrones (7)
17 Party from North to South! (4)
19 "Inside" says Niall, "I've turned back" (8)
21 Vehicle that Evans has? (3)
22 Mad coffee pots when cop's removed (7)
24 Cosy back for weapons (4)
25 Music of the heavens? (3,5)
26 Half the decorations (5)


Country from beach inactivity (5)
Big sage pulverised (7)
Vehicle - vicar loses six (3)
Sleep outside, could have concentration first (4)
Changes, e.g. new runs (7)
Pages I'm swapping (7)
Shop around (4)
Depressed fliers? (9)
12 Lived back in 12 across (3,6)
13 Party initially held at capital (4)
14 Actors get damaged (9)
16 At home in letter animal (5)
18 Reverse, as in back-street (6)
20 Maybe Alan's of the nose (5)
23 Disease in loud, second-class university (3)


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