Granite Crossword No.89
(This crossword is an edited version of a puzzle which first appeared in The Beat)
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Takes in birds (8)
Duration of the lung treatment without uncomplicated start (6)
Persistently maintained that sibling was nearly sheltered by awful din (8)
10 Talks of Shanghai's first high points (6)
12 Country as a ritual organisation (9)
13 Pope rarely includes musical drama (5)
14 Was first to hold Enron's last loan (4)
16 Draw one into note (3)
19 Man in the morning with a country (7)
21 Without boy, units of instruction are not as great (4)
24 What smells around the middle of China's racket (5)
25 Adorned with endless cards and talked (9)
27 A number hit out - try to move around (6)
28 Broadcast workmanship flier? (8)
29 Girl playing with lyre after church (6)
30 Captive is having a tendency to go around with a bit of roughness (8)


Pairs off with second-class helix (6)
Help donkey with its development (6)
Also-ran in close race (5)
Rolled the back of the foot into rising moisture (7)
Thoroughly examine ruthless, heartless adventurers (9)
Elegant girl's nearly replete (8)
Conserves men? (8)
11 Deadly not to allow team leader to stop (4)
15 Obviously I would enter flat subtly - not half! (9)
17 Mesh found in sorcery is attractive (8)
18 Organ which helps an aquatic animal move - it's found in British river, to be exact (8)
20 Computes the sum of 500 and 500 in a second (4)
21 More fortunate to lie with ruck all over the place (7)
22 Saint with water from the sky causing injury (6)
23 Tide is turning with middle of sports journalist (6)
26 Competitions for groups of people? (5)


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