Granite Crossword No.88
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A short time at Lincoln brought back protozoon (6)
All over graduate's animal (5)
Tried to dance around - setter's fault (7)
Small container going into space? (7)
11 New vampire tie is urgently necessary (10)
12 Somebody admired on the screen? (4)
13 One assuming an attitude as a model, perhaps (5)
14 Fixed Student Union elections, not out to get permits (8)
16 Patching unusual drink (8)
18 Hooters sound silly at first, losing current (5)
20 Head of department to have blue (4)
21 Follow brother or sister back to equipment, we hear, to make food fit for an animal (3,7)
23 Leader - the headless one taking part in advertising (7)
24 Ceremony that's not exactly real fun (7)
25 Nimble soldier held by drink (5)
26 Blur music's not half bad, during empty bit of entertainment (6)


A ray of light at right angles to a vessel's length (5)
Ordinary seaman holding even exams (1-6)
Odds and ends to rib about, with one vehicle coming before another's brought up (4-1-4)
Go east, to wash outside (5)
Purpose for which one is sent to girl? No - I turned up (7)
Queen to wear flowers for undergarment (8)
10 Petite gal's novel - and where you see what it's called (5-4)
13 Con child into taking metres away from first coat (8)
15 That which is joined together without interruption to nearly go on with hesitation (9)
17 Suspend animal with a sneaking, cowed look (7)
19 100 deuces designed to turn out well (7)
21 Doctor's tool to speak slowly (5)
22 Enraged boy with Lawrence (5)


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