Granite Crossword No.87
(This crossword is an edited version of a puzzle which first appeared in The Beat magazine)
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Twice working around second light bulb (5)
Uneven ruler with rag I destroyed (9)
10 Takeover left half of pair (6)
11 Exhaustive act taking in story, say (8)
12 Alights, and becomes depressed? (4,4)
13 Vessel in diva's exhibition (4)
15 Raid over - that is before Shanghai's first journals (7)
17 Final entry into short picture that's mouldable (7)
20 Skilful bit of brewing shown in drink (4)
22 Put back position in colour (8)
25 One vehicle in another as companies travelling together (8)
26 District of Shanghai with bad smell around a third of udders (6)
27 Fire bag (4)
28 Candid work directions (4)
29 Without English leader, joins lowest subdivisions (5)


Moving on inside a country (9)
Settle with Russia's first musician, perhaps (8)
Doing business with Chinese snooker player after art is brought up (7)
Celebration - it's rising in iron values - not half! (8)
Openings of digital universities take intelligence, effort and sense for the things one must do (6)
More secure fears, perhaps (5)
Nothing in prize rodeo (4)
14 Hate to include one Swiss city, as some animals do (9)
16 Lift - to the next level? (8)
18 Upright status (8)
19 Lightly touches painting implements (7)
21 Cartridges without bullets found lying initially in financial institutions (6)
23 Bursts musically quiet operations (4)
24 Chinese leader with an aluminium waterway (5)


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