Granite Crossword No.86
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Go into public transport without right to amuse (9)
Lots of things that float? (5)
She will almost initially forget ledge (5)
Ruined or ancient vessel (9)
10 Guidance for the one coming first's joint (10)
11 First hospital before this place (4)
13 Made system of belief without a prudent ending (7)
14 Turn around in empty garage, first daughter made a noise like a pig (7)
16 Some stores ponder reply (7)
18 Performer starts to join underground groups, getting less exposure regionally (7)
19 Waves at slave, we hear (4)
21 Average, with a good start, sharp adjustment needed to parts of text (10)
24 Ascertaining the dimensions of geraniums, perhaps (9)
25 Part of the Maglev, or "ghost-train", coming back to small wood (5)
26 Where pigs live with the French fashion (5)
27 Rows, bringing one in for a skinhead's first animals (9)


Frame rough sea in middle of felt (5)
Young people showing support for golfer at new ranges (9)
The thought of what's seen in The Mirror? (10)
Charged a Chinese leader 100 US Dollars, including final fee (7)
Way for Stewart to catch one (4)
Transgression of lacking barrier (5)
More certain without tear to give up (9)
12 Shift equipment at middle of farm for bird (10)
13 Charms sit awkwardly at birth celebration? (9)
15 Call ringer? (9)
17 Diane shortly to sign journals (7)
18 Heads of Japan and India move a gun's province of China (7)
20 Prepared set (5)
22 Gets rid of small buildings? (5)
23 Greek character left eastern animal (4)


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