Granite Crossword No.85
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Few find car at start of road, wrongly positioned, but this person might! (7,6)
Failed on entry into 'German Energy' (4)
Do less damage in church work, where you need to be in union (6,4)
10 Narrow strip of water with second identifying feature (6)
11 Intended to teach a court, in charge after policeman finally died (8)
12 Being in a dazed state at intervals? (6,3)
14 State of mind over inescapable ruin (4)
15 Enjoyment without a mythical creature (4)
16 Crooked w-when nearly shifted into small boat (4-5)
20 Agonised about city (3,5)
21 Horrible lout with a Welsh criminal (6)
23 Waste outside of Thailand cut and left to be unorthodox (3-3-4)
24 Python not in use (4)
25 Unit lay about with tidal lake parallel to the equator? (13)


Dance that sounds overly plain (3-4)
A headless bird at a place of great activity (5)
Cut a jewel to confront Edward (7)
Tastelessly bright bird in one's family - note, that is where you'll find over-optimistic people! (5-6-4)
You must make this to compensate (6)
Nearly dress beneath container with which you might wash or dry (9)
Element of witchcraft in polonium, with half gone missing (7)
13 Overthrow of French central state following a masterstroke (4,5)
15 Loud and long complaint is very bad (7)
17 Try to win the support of the French, wearing Liberal new garment (7)
18 Weakness of 22 going wrong in the outskirts of Filey (7)
19 With regard to man, one governing temporarily (6)
22 Attempt to get King and Emperor in most of story (5)


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