Granite Crossword No.84
(An edited version of this crossword first appeared in The Beat magazine)
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Allow most of halo to become deadly (6)
Part of army - Royal Engineers soldier comes before soldiers with troop leader (8)
Californium unfortunately loses oil to another element (8)
10 A number went into empty trolley (6)
11 Lower the price and make a note of it? (4,4)
12 Miserable, me? Always initially cunning! (6)
14 American leader's wide overseas (6)
18 Young bird and seal, we hear (6)
20 Printout, perhaps, is difficult to reproduce (4,4)
22 Cruise, say, repeated drum (3-3)
23 Curl tree around university employee (8)
24 Reportedly, joint notice is nearly soporific (8)
25 Bear witness at cricket match? (6)


Rumour of organs being put in hay (7)
Ocean current rising in Amazon in Lent (2,4)
Get grime reformed for sand-glass (3,5)
Tiny organism to live up in a moat, nearly (6)
Put in some bins - tallish (7)
Papist monarch to claim 80% for a change (5,8)
Somehow knead bare (5)
13 Personal hint (8)
15 Explanations for your money? (8)
16 Another word for New York, New York - so bad with first musical! (7)
17 Pacify animal that surrounds plant with leader of Shanghai (7)
19 Observing what happens without a small bell? (6)
21 Up in villa, I carry what's relating to one's ancestry, maybe (6)


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