Granite Crossword No.83
(This crossword first appeared in The National Student)
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Uniform of some quality (5)
Giving an account of what's seen in paper? (9)
10 Where you might see films in English, held by a compere turning back (6)
11 Bit by bit, a head of department enters street weirdly without hesitation (8)
12 Aspiration of a doctor - to put it with charged particle (8)
13 Spoils turning instrument (4)
15 Layabout in minister's house - no Mass to examine carefully (7)
17 Nearly agree to capture American defendant (7)
20 Graduate's first ever floor (4)
22 Sweets over-emphasised (8)
25 Single-celled organisms play The Queen in 'Brideshead', I note (8)
26 Looks, say, for floor-connectors? (6)
27 Went down dead, not a view without bad ending inside (9)
28 Prize sheet of metal (5)


The necessary tools for first election - resign without soft soldiers (9)
Making tiara with elm fabric (8)
Debates about African leader working on board (7)
Servant to medics is not right (8)
This may come after recording half of those at university with one Oscar (6)
Fish corner (5)
Volunteers with football team's vehicle (4)
14 Profane creeds sadly consumed (9)
16 Set off, making a mistake - losing river when directing (8)
18 New NUS board is likely to collapse! (8)
19 Because boxer's feeling guilty... (7)
21 ...fasten a tag around bottom of foot - no good before church (6)
23 Starts to realise international students easily get up (4)
24 Values animals holding key (5)


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