Granite Crossword No.82
(An edited version of this crossword first appeared in The Beat magazine)
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Dialect in Guam - and a ringed part (8)
Young animal I initially carried like a box (5)
Stretch is hot at first, from Barcelona perhaps (7)
Mum sang badly for large bottles (7)
11 Handing over half of debt, before unrecorded call (10)
12 Run head of finance down (4)
13 Starboard? Correct! (5)
14 What a ghost might be doing searching for round African leader (8)
16 Get car without a loan for almanac (8)
18 British leader employs vehicles (5)
20 Child with good start for Dynasty (4)
22 Middleman owes me change - that's amazing! (7)
24 See one giving evidence? (7)
25 Implored little Edward to go after new pedal (7)
26 Substances that could be noble (5)
27 Container etc, coming back outside as placed (8)


Computer fruit (5)
Daniel Singh, we hear, is doing the twist, say (7)
Well-thought-of leaders of China and Taiwan taken in by semi-real drug (9)
Name of Accra, I guess (5)
Advantage to have direction in suit (7)
Makes worse enclosures (9)
10 Angler - is that woman with bloke after friendly introduction? (9)
13 Thinking out with religious leader, go insane somehow (9)
15 They keep you cool, or dry (9)
17 Starts to eliminate new government initiatives, not exploiting Shanghai's locomotives (7)
19 Strange start to anger with sort of heater (7)
21 Sends stations (5)
23 Occurrence of eastern air (5)


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