Granite Crossword No.81
(This crossword first appeared in the September issue of The National Student)
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Animal without big head to live back at home of spider? (6)
Crusade about a politician with crooked gain (8)
Unique "grail" NUS created (8)
10 New Mutu to return after a season (6)
11 Gainful men could be significant (10)
12 Gold metal of the mouth (4)
13 England were almost sent back in America's 10 parting (8)
16 It's act is destroyed when resting (6)
17 Some broadsheet rag I considered very sad (6)
19 If alien enters fruit, is it bounded by birth and death? (8)
21 Love writer that is candid (4)
22 Regal dress - strangely inconsiderate (10)
25 With which you can shoot me in vehicle before middle of May (6)
26 Summing up nobleman in grand beginning (8)
27 Intimate friend takes queen to male child (8)
28 Bothers girl with love? Heartlessly, yes (6)


Nothing left - I have shortened tree (5)
Vehicle to keep shaking? (5)
Equilibrium shown by graduate with weapon (7)
Cautious clue far off (7)
Setter has a less back to front disease (7)
Spaceman Reagan enters, as reportedly instructed (9)
I squealed without my rising hesitation at place of exercise (9)
14 Parole egghead with an awful "flying-machine" (9)
15 Arranges drink always to go in non-starting writers (9)
18 Can't I read 50% somehow? Sure! (7)
19 Soundly reasoned soldier is in pub (7)
20 Shape and turn the French recipe (7)
23 Nearly late with empty Italian language (5)
24 NUS comes up with new closing strategy that's bright (5)


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