Granite Crossword No.80
(This crossword first appeared in the National Student newspaper)
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Raged wildly at student's top marks (6)
Mother's in room with new astronaut (8)
You French left - number's up for plant (5)
10 I'm graduate with weapon, showing lack of stability (9)
11 Impel University to return example of Romeo (4)
12 Big creature I follow still (4)
13 Common for University to be taken in by American gangster? (5)
15 Joint broadcasts before Blimp, say (7)
16 A fellow in church and small restaurant (4)
19 At one time in lemon centre (4)
20 Gets the hang of degree (7)
23 Solver reportedly wise to follow custom (5)
24 Remain at rest (4)
25 Daughter left equipment to go back (4)
27 Ely's Abbot disturbed one working with horses (6-3)
28 To be part of hex is terrifying! (5)
29 Held back wait in colour (8)
30 Go to serve (6)


"Ultra" gut could make you throaty (8)
Symbolic narrative is completely bloody, including egghead (8)
Partly moves python's spot (4)
Ban Olympic cup making this sort of business (6,7)
Will not run quickly after shade (10)
Bold human - fully? Only in part (6)
Require the French irritation (6)
10 In exile, without iron, taking bottle opener that cannot be described (13)
14 Brown bread rises under probability (10)
17 Certain new feed in it (8)
18 Is nothing dead? Dead when apart (8)
21 S.U. Bar collapses - with last hammer from treasurer (6)
22 Pester donkey after injury (almost) (6)
26 Starts to desperately evade bank, taking what one owes (4)


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