Granite Crossword No.7
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Seat from South of Africa (4)
This place, that woman's sweetheart (4)
Roles change for also-ran (5)
10 Generates new young people? (9)
11 Graduate and prisoner make meat (5)
12 A lost hospital internally receives burnt offerings from fags (7)
13 Allow almost curt written messages (7)
14 Rid each internal thought (4)
16 No time outside respect (6)
18 Curve in barcode (3)
21 Catch new head alien (3)
22 Seniors deny - so corrupt (6)
23 Starts to hear you making new song of praise (4)
25 Nut goes off languages (7)
27 Weapon is unusually miles out (7)
29 Aim West, maybe (5)
30 Strange, Californian, or missing money matters (9)
31 About the elderly being kept in captivity (5)
32 Corrosion of rasied ancient city street (4)
33 Dull sound in fat huddle (4)


Place one in station, taking in upper-class American leader (9)
Body shelf collapsed (5)
All people extremely ebony outside, when name replaces daughter (9)
Rough sea, the French returns stand (5)
Sea creatures lob rest at sea (South) (8)
A line after hidden assistant (9)
Calls circles (5)
Woman takes right to unite (5)
15 Stretching used to be caring? (9)
17 Nothing in Tango men returning street for healing creams (9)
19 Hid clean code erratically (9)
20 Only dead, moved around, and altered (8)
24 Exploiting you and me in Gateshead (5)
25 Theme of first 99 (5)
26 More secure of animals - a ferret (5)
28 One Rabbi is hard, of the Republic (5)


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