Granite Crossword No.79
(This crossword first appeared in The Beat magazine)
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Country morning girl (7)
10 Relative to a thousand thousand before Asian leader (7)
11 Took a photo of Shanghai initially, then had a short sleep (7)
12 A nest lies disturbed, as is vital (9)
14 Lift more money? (5)
15 Incomings of headless guards (7)
18 Counts on parts of swimming pools lacking extra opening (7)
19 Train manager? (5)
20 Choices made by icon's side? (9)
24 Sanction a very soft wander (7)
25 First in Italy, almost - I moved around (7)
27 All-purpose military man? (7)
28 Good start, way to go outside - northeast complained (7)


Complication of Taiwan's first fish (6)
Came across Alex's substances (6)
Bound to be on the same score (4)
Starts to help animal with an increasingly irate state (6)
Card game came first, and made a shrill sound (8)
Parts of a text are standard, as surrounding diagram (10)
Tangy pie cooked from an African country (8)
Large numbers shudder all over the place, taking in new leader (8)
13 Enough ribs to change those living nearby (10)
15 Switch former partner's money? (8)
16 Snaring and bugging without redhead (8)
17 Dens duly collapsed without warning (8)
21 Holds on tight to China's first adapted sling (6)
22 The East part of Bangor I enthralled (6)
23 Half of soap covers shapes (6)
26 Smooth element (4)


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