Granite Crossword No.78
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Went fishing, wasted time with "A World Without Love" (lame ending) (7)
10 Prepared (almost) to produce "Love Me Do"? Not for nothing! (7)
11 Closed book - "My Way" - with entertainer's first lines (7)
12 Alternative number taking most of "Get Back" with a herb (7)
13 Sentenced men coded new "Changes" (9)
15 Half of "Woman" centrally churns to the bone (5)
16 "Bohemian Rhapsody" lacking means to create rabies (11)
20 At first, "Days" lost middle at parties (3)
21 "Penny Lane" initially to turn doctor? Precisely! (5)
22 With first tune dropped, better "Lola" version is passable (9)
25 Illuminated without mime, "Release Me" is as far as something can go (5)
26 Examination of accounts of "Goldfinger" removed soldier (5)
28 "Starman" misses mother, switching two letters and bringing back example that's alien (7)
29 Good ending of "True" - note repeated with stable's first horses (3-4)


A cat I put before beginning of "Cars" is minute (6)
Fruit of "Father and Son" - replacing daughter with maiden (6)
Lacking the beginning and end, "Move Closer" for Bush (4)
Centrepiece of heavy metal without final tune from "Ten Thousand Years Ago", perhaps (3-3)
Adore "Crazy", a key riff for romance (4,6)
Starts to entertain many bands - "Alright" led musical extravaganza, dignity preserved (8)
Not one for "Help!", writer leaves out a list and head of station puts it off to another day (8)
Senior member of lair - "Without You" nearly coming up (5)
14 Social worker goes after former "Gold" piece that's excessive (10)
16 Spirit holder's folk opening, with "Heart Of Glass" initially having disrupted kip outside (8)
17 Those providing the rhythm for start of "Millennium" taken in by shocking murders (8)
18 Peculiar two taken in by one who can't stand "Trouble" (3,5)
19 Twice left track embraced by "America" after British animals (8)
23 "Born To Be Wild", losing BT's island (6)
24 Repeals shuffle, with "Runaway" to go by (6)
27 So, "The Final Countdown" (4)


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