Granite Crossword No.77
(An edited version of this crossword first appeared in 'The Beat' magazine)
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Rely on where your money is? (4)
Some stag escapes and matures (4)
Not an impure relative (5)
10 Anglers Union finally comes after woman enters business with bit of effort (9)
11 Internal meal doesn't start (5)
12 American goes into chambers of another country (7)
13 Company taken in by funny money and thrift (7)
14 Eggs initially look like an egg (4)
16 Ruing a misuse of weapon (6)
18 Conclusion of broken deal (3)
21 Ready to fix (3)
22 I'm in illuminated part of Shanghai's boundaries (6)
23 A secret look both ways? (4)
25 Buildings are gags perhaps (7)
27 Wearing away, or coming into sound when going back (7)
29 A section's not together (5)
30 Get rid of alien item, perhaps (9)
31 Direction of my opposition (5)
32 Excavations of somewhere to live? (4)
33 Crooked inclination (4)


Animals producing UFO fables (9)
Scents of season returning - not first of April (5)
Athletic facility of my amusing rewrite (9)
Impression of Shanghai's leader seen awkwardly (5)
Imaginary creature in tunic - or not (7)
Is unable to get one's first-ever dialect (9)
Organ with empty library before time (5)
Rents at different rates (5)
15 Bird in a dead switch (9)
17 Assembly of The Circle after half of game (9)
19 Reliant pen dented somehow (9)
20 It's sly to include brightness, to a small extent (8)
24 I travel outside film (5)
25 Rate Mark (5)
26 Pay out and dispatch without first post (5)
28 Figure I'm mature (5)


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