Granite Crossword No.76
(This crossword first appeared in 'The Beat' magazine)
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She's following a famous sporting competition (5)
Selling vessel in meeting without European leader (9)
10 Has transformation when getting married outside and cleaned (6)
11 Gun-holders lets horse nearly run free (8)
12 Keep up primary train, lacking final car (8)
13 Starts to trade illegally - doubtless you'll clean up! (4)
15 Business interest (7)
17 More annoyed with new earring (7)
20 This could produce strikes (4)
22 Something small from animal? Funny clue! (8)
25 Art of self-defence gives king small change on inside - half-full (4,2)
26 Flying cyclone? (9)
27 Turn red as British leader's luxuriant (5)


It'll help you get to the next level! (9)
Making me chain Chinese leader to garage worker (8)
Airline object to cleaning (7)
Framework could come before key (8)
Shanghai's first well-known gallery delays opening, it's said (6)
Debut attempt after 10 doesn't start (5)
Thought of an estimate? (4)
14 Food angle of sea creature (9)
16 Look into her cares, perhaps (8)
18 Put money in trust not very long ago (8)
19 Think of a drink in topless fruit (7)
21 If you are one of twelve people in court, you might be hurt (6)
23 In jail, I keep the same (4)
24 Less negative? (5)


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