Granite Crossword No.75
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Vessel - old English vessel (5)
Stunned is spurred, perhaps (9)
10 Number of a horse (6)
11 Royal Navy throne transported from Newcastle, perhaps (8)
12 Mixes since Mob collapsed (8)
13 Besides Alex is love (4)
15 Gets away from garment in English ship (7)
17 Moved quickly, without joint being transported (7)
20 Limbo toy (4)
22 Exercise in movement? (8)
25 Making a mistake with spin - force outside edge (8)
26 Allow devil to come inside mollusc (6)
27 Yield split, being more certain without (9)
28 Creep in three directions before a King (5)


Her famous new building (9)
Records of American city? (8)
Equip vase to hold fish? On the contrary! (7)
Move towards a very quiet little creature (8)
That woman comes into Women's Institute's desires (6)
Rents the first organs (5)
Turning up mad shock (4)
14 Well-mannered chap giving information on broken mantle (9)
16 Some coming up, coming outside, into strange feelings (8)
18 Where you might walk with Father - forcible? Not he! (8)
19 Embroiled with fish in empty tankard (7)
21 Sell abroad some Rolex - Portugese (6)
23 Speak of the Force, say (4)
24 Pair the French brought up audibly (5)


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