Granite Crossword No.74
(An edited version of this crossword first appeared in 'The Beat' magazine)
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Seeming alright in loin garment at first (7)
Bound to be embarassed when around topless policeman (5)
Slow-moving birds (4)
10 Sign of Asian country taking Chinese leader into new formation (10)
11 Blew up grenade - exploding with a bit of Lithium inside (8)
13 Enjoying Labour leader, if initially coming before monarch (6)
15 Returning peaks to a particular place (4)
16 Cut Shanghai's leader with parasites (5)
17 Covers a partially solid structure (4)
18 Someone giving money includes never-ending petition (6)
20 Taoism, say, could be a combination of lion and headless tiger (8)
23 Emergency vehicles for Seaman Club, perhaps (10)
26 Fail seriously to hide troubles (4)
27 Near the beginning, there was darkness (5)
28 Solid figure of Egypt? (7)


With new head internally, it's expensive to take in insect all the time (10)
Quoting Chinese leader with it in final printing (6)
Starts to ache generally everywhere - definitely getting old! (4)
Clue: beer could make a martial arts star! (5,3)
Hints turn up for saliva (4)
Submerged doctor had possession (7)
12 Machine with less water? (5)
14 Weight of immoral keg when broken (10)
16 First real vehicle surrounded by groups of maids (8)
19 Norma's production empire (5)
21 Openings of landmark offices - Shanghai even registers some failures (6)
22 Nothing I guided was lubricated (5)
24 Impulse of a sturgeon (4)
25 International sportsmen's headgear? (4)


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