Granite Crossword No.73
(An edited version of this crossword first appeared in 'The Beat' magazine)
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A short distance for Michael and Ronald, we hear (6)
Colour of the wife, almost deformed! (3-5)
Drink - my game (5)
10 Fruit of business leader with row that shows the vertical (5,4)
11 Some fade - always trade! (4)
12 The kind type? (4)
13 Liberal leader, with Oliver, is sweet on a stick (5)
15 A bird - like a dog - might (7)
16 Spots a Chinese leader at the north-east (4)
19 I will be unwell (4)
20 Returning part of landlord's set, so hide female innkeeper, perhaps (7)
24 Starts to use Shanghai's underground after lunch - it's common! (5)
25 Dynasty of first queen in middle-age (4)
26 One not telling the truth about lithium and a redhead? (4)
28 Clothes for girl that's into music? (4,5)
29 Tests former partner - a heartless mistress (5)
30 Members of religious group are somehow heartbroken after losing oak (8)
31 One with white skin might get no bail (6)


Reduce the price of first modern vessel, being depressed (4,4)
Chinese leader, a politician, nearly gains crooked drive (8)
An animal outside an American state produces agate (4)
I cut fisherman off gambling devices (5,8)
Strange blob in drink - ship shows lack of stability (10)
I, Cecil, could create a hanging frozen spear (6)
Girl's name which is evenly distributed? (6)
10 Group of humans - Pope created the French (7,6)
14 Large room for prophet with slight change inside, making religious exclamation (10)
17 Japanese food made from airy kite? (8)
18 Iron in ethanol initially, so drink! (8)
21 Uproar caused by rhyming words? (6)
22 A tense time to come (6)
23 Shape of first question in a sure production (6)
27 Betray what a shop might do? (4)


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