Granite Crossword No.72
(An edited version of this crossword first appeared in 'The Beat' magazine)
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School - first time for every one! (5)
By embracing a half-kernel, make bread here (6)
Those making crosswords taking in late-starting colonists (8)
They could come after tea or dessert (6)
11 Not quite jubilant about wild boar - it's complicated (9)
12 Should get nothing, losing first name (5)
13 Animal brings back oil before final presentation (4)
15 Smell of wine or flowers? (7)
18 He's Adam - possibly regretful (7)
20 A long time in savage Shanghai (4)
23 Good king - and impressive! (5)
24 Economical Fife collapses - I come into a little money (9)
26 A lesser thoroughfare, perhaps, in a foreign country (6)
27 Flier that could come before carrier (8)
28 Card game from some cities - even Shanghai! (6)
29 Played a part in cadet's production (5)


Threw to south-east in empty stand (6)
Asia's first - a cult destroyed what's real (6)
Greeting some brothel locations (5)
Place to get drinks and profit - a great deal! (7)
Multiply mostly red fruit and veg, perhaps (9)
Pause at his tee, perhaps (8)
Mixing of lungs is melodious (7)
10 A partly proverbial sort of word? (4)
14 I mindlessly start to intercede without delay (9)
16 Polish, for example, words? (8)
17 New rate in the place of performance (7)
19 Act both ways? (4)
20 Matters arising from liaisons? (7)
21 Go away and die! (6)
22 Washington, for example, is dead-end, it's said (6)
25 Nut-producing palm tree comes before a drink (5)


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