Granite Crossword No.71
(An edited version of this crossword first appeared in "The Beat" - a magazine produced for the British Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai)
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Stress is not new without women, perhaps (7)
Covers mass, covers potassium (5)
Withdraw to rotten tree being eaten by a rodent (7)
10 For each head of finance, large bird returns fragrance (7)
11 Only me to trust! (6)
12 Instrument is initially made as a living thing (8)
15 Some candid lenders are doing nothing! (4)
16 Got bigger and spent with small change (8)
18 China's leader meets dodgy New York "curer" for money (8)
19 Region in China - really? (4)
22 Idealist old empire - before twitch (8)
23 Mob to keep quiet about new leader (4)
25 Put it with Alex and Ian's language (7)
26 Think of a drink in lime, but not at first (7)
27 Actor loses head and stratum (5)
28 Swapped former partner with a few small coins, then finally scarpered! (9)


Wild tone? (7)
Standards of perfection - I would bring about sale (6)
Not the last chance to observe (4)
Bring into the country broken cane value (10)
Mythical creatures are dim, M&S turned out (8)
I dusted around and examined (7)
Look at watch (3)
Leftover mother in Rudolph, say, lacking red heart (9)
13 Very small car - a true development (9)
14 Go through 10p in spooky (second-half) sťance (10)
17 Boundary - 1/3 French on the level (8)
18 Business society (7)
20 Fixing the ropes? (7)
21 Forbid a sodium fruit (6)
24 Element of last letter in Chamber's opening (4)
25 I will shortly be poorly (3)


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