Granite Crossword No.70
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Certain part of secret in, if editor comes back (8)
Some seven lying equally (6)
10 Mark used in writing operation with man after a silly strop (10)
11 Shapeless mass left university a politican (4)
12 Summing up with "dig and design" (6)
14 Chose first student to be voted in (8)
15 I'd enter a sporting competition, it's apparent (7)
17 Most comfortable ties nearly seal awkwardly (7)
20 Throws rest out for sea creatures (8)
22 Bean smuggler? (6)
24 Carry an animal (4)
25 Consider key middlemen to set free (10)
27 In the film, eleven came after bodies of water (6)
28 Deciding on new test with Heather (8)


Pay attention to, without record (assisted) (6)
Starts to break into twenty small pieces (4)
Gas - inert on good explosion (8)
Hate of French secret agents, we hear (7)
Uncover redhead girl with Alex (6)
Producing centre foil for contemplation (10)
Plants that you might find on mountains? (8)
13 Doctor left TARDIS with Uni involved in manufacturing, perhaps (10)
16 Producing nice love with intense force (8)
18 Athletic performers with boy in a musical (8)
19 It's not beneficial to employ the French ship (7)
21 Held Estonians, including firstborn (6)
23 Scope of complex tenticles (6)
26 Govern first Romanian University a member short (4)


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