Granite Crossword No.69
(This crossword first appeared in the February issue of the National Student newspaper)
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University performing marriage (5)
Embarassed without shop being fixed (8)
10 Language - lingo - she adapted, lacking nothing (7)
11 Fall down initially with eastern perfume (7)
12 Creatures that help potters? (7)
13 Solar gel - yellow in part, mostly (7)
14 Books follow new move with inner surroundings (11)
19 S-Seinfeld character returns notes (7)
21 Talk to Labour leader, re: cute composition (7)
23 Capturing alien element in empty nosebag... (7)
25 ...and not putting it in north-eastern woman (7)
26 A royal king in church in Portishead ship (8)
27 Graduate of central Shanghai's first to start explosions (5)


Sid comes up to men, reportedly with camouflage (8)
Not similar to some flipping active kiln - unusual? (6)
Groups of musicians in charts rose extraordinarily (10)
Employed top student editor after university (4)
Separate drug that's hard to endure (6)
United Nations - simple and restless! (6)
Notice nothing, but initially create verse (7)
Supports corset (5)
13 Nelson's lie about solitude (10)
15 Rose vine nearly produced variant (7)
16 Moving in contact (8)
17 Doctor with a French king that's inebriated (5)
18 Head of Languages makes money from studies (6)
20 Fully developed horse without most of stomach (6)
22 Rises to 100 members (6)
24 Departs for shots (4)


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