Granite Crossword No.68
(This crossword first appeared in the December issue of the 'The Beat' - a magazine produced for the British Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai)
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Maker of vehicles starts to set up Zimbabwe-United Kingdom ideas (6)
If you want to go places, you'll need this to hand over drink! (8)
Some gruff lot - ill and fleet (8)
10 Irritable etc, taken in by thy... (6)
11 ...shattering production - tidy! (10)
12 You start with what you use to hear for a period of time (4)
13 One insisting on the details trickles out (8)
15 Crude part of meal, we hear (6)
16 Mistakes are back, outside of animal (6)
19 Get Al with opening line, covering many problems (5-3)
21 Dynasty with a flavour? (4)
22 Japan's first cake shared out with China for martial arts actor (6,4)
25 Joined in friendship by German song after a long start (6)
26 United Nations fellow returns den without a crew (8)
27 Mostly sense Shanghai's first gun could lead to comfort (8)
28 Cure most of the well-being (6)


In France, a bed is dark (5)
Extreme part of long-haul trade (5)
I will create gale - it's outlawed! (7)
Use this to cover a cut on the wall? (7)
Evil destroys, as I can't (7)
A bit of money for domesticated animal - shy cat, perhaps (5,4)
Hears "genuine" outside practice (9)
14 Waterproof canvas to pitch Mr McCartney in (9)
17 Rowing a river, going with turn for nothing (7)
18 Decide commercial arbitrator (7)
19 16, maybe, as Chinese Union leaders crash with Spock! (4-3)
20 Dodgy MP I hurt with victory (7)
23 Dance seen in "Falcon Games" (5)
24 Ward off a former soldier, without final war (5)


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