Granite Crossword No.67
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9 no longer around producing "Radio Sun" (8)
Nothing takes in mother when following a creature (6)
10 Went down to iron fifties (4)
11 Calculated value after stupid Ben nearly lied (10)
12 State "A wife and sloth" in greeting (6)
14 Sort out American Queen inside garment (8)
15 Messed up borough I honed into this? (13)
17 Disastrous siege hit this decade (8)
19 Fat musical? (6)
21 Classes for pet, say, or one extremely effortless (10)
22 As comes before insects? (4)
23 I've followed play in operation (6)
24 Meat's prepared in Germany for cooking, perhaps (8)


Pictures of mutilated iceman (6)
End score (4)
Food and water initially in charge in quiet (8)
Plant a doctor in reserve, almost (6)
Reportedly my birds deal with magnifier (10)
Be at the crease with first team (England) - embarassed and beaten (8)
States of connectedness stop hairlines collapsing (13)
13 I'm chattier when performing numerical calculations (10)
15 A French rising - is a new church a bother? (8)
16 Record book? (8)
18 Pressed "on" in dire mistake (6)
20 Visiting south-east England in middle-age (6)
22 Swelling book to turn politician (4)


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