Granite Crossword No.66
(An edited version of this crossword first appeared in the November issue of 'The Beat' magazine).
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Laver returns to reportedly employ rates again (8)
Get away from some bloke's cap easily (6)
10 Tie dimples all over the place - don't go any faster! (5,5)
11 Storage tower is back to blue, almost (4)
12 Leo takes insect to shed (4-2)
13 Sociable expenditure? (8)
14 Turn in a ring - maybe a weapon (3-3)
17 Festival of the orient before mid-term? (6)
19 Had an impact on new deft face (8)
21 China's first Romeo has some headgear for Kings? (6)
23 Stepped back into mud or trash (4)
24 Funny Mel enters instant part-payment (10)
26 Fast train starts to move at great lick, entering Vienna (6)
27 Increases guns with meat destruction (8)


Place to worship part of your head? (6)
See 17
Demolish and pluck feathers? (4,4)
Music group playing eastern texts? (6)
S. Rossi returns with empty cross cutters (8)
Open clue to provide wealth (8)
Sign of hearing an instrument? (6)
15 Hellish plant surrounded by broken nail (8)
16 Grasping, grasping - I left in a grasping sort of way (8)
17/2 Switch value - what you get for your money abroad! (8,4)
18 Some characters from Rhodes sail for European city (6)
20 Eve hit out at Rob (6)
22 Number of men in etymology (6)
25 Come across flesh, we hear (4)


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