Granite Crossword No.65
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Most wealthy charities collapsed without A.I. (7)
10 The French novel's opening that is before books - easy! (7)
11 Drifted onto the stock market? (7)
12 Drink - some paper reported the greatest (7)
13 Select novel: "Pontiff's Headless Magnifier" (9)
15 Dies, maybe from sticks taking first blood (5)
16 Peculiar places I ruined (7)
19 It's back at mid-afternoon - embarassed and shook up! (7)
20 A series of links to mountain range (5)
21 Industrial type of music nearly has one Calorie (9)
25 Making more sound is in? No that is the last answer! (7)
26 In a way, worker is without delay (7)
28 Covering woman with long-time hesitation (7)
29 You'll have to be late to get one of these! (7)


It could be gross since coming back into the colliery (6)
Train toilet comes up after first session's extremely clownish (6)
Within twenty left (4)
Music room perhaps for duos - it could be with some work (6)
People like me taking good man in bunches (8)
Examination, in part without piano (10)
Keep in mind Queen brought up one in a society (8)
Brought out the sweet stuff on the way up (8)
14 Without international leader, it's sent unravelled with ICI's chemists, perhaps (10)
16 Dreadful energy-less scenes with ski-bends, perhaps (8)
17 Probed the return of fabric weapon (8)
18 51 go, without time for dealing with books (8)
22 Richard's steep places (6)
23 Presides over furniture (6)
24 Small Liberal leader given new title (6)
27 Confessed to being part of partisan government (4)


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