Granite Crossword No.64
(This crossword first appeared in the November issue of the National Student newspaper)
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Packed saint was in debt (6)
Learner comes into cane thrashing - not dirty! (5)
10 Get a group of singers, we hear (7)
11 Game-play? (7)
12 "My Girl" performed in a ghastly way! (6)
13 The Prince takes in second boy to be actor (8)
15 Sent ravers off, cross (10)
16 English affirmative organs (4)
18 Food of Eric Edwards (4)
20 A military strike might be initially perilous for dodgy Empire vet (3-7)
22 Anonymous bloke comes back to drug the French ship (8)
24 Straggle returning part of hull - warp speed! (6)
26 A crossword setter with two states of this place (7)
27 You may have to stand to give one (7)
28 1 finger? (5)
29 Some play me nicely - those who aren't experts (6)


Disturb a long, quiet drink (7)
Joint left in rinse, causing injury (8)
Was first up to take in university fight (4)
He spelt cog wrong for keeping things on the line (7,3)
Distinctive character of the new operating system (5)
Invalidate having fun with Lily, perhaps (7)
Create wealth with guardian - not a relative (8-2-3)
Money beats learner into the empty ring (5,8)
14 Sedative of French iron worker (10)
17 A sudden revelation in January? (8)
19 Praise 1000 blokes, eaten by fish (7)
21 Think of graduate taken in by one drink and drug (7)
23 Left first year in Gateshead, resting (5)
25 Chilly locomotion? (4)


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